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Surveillance Systems

Security-CCTV Systems

We are a one-stop-solution provider for both Queue Management System and the CCTV.

We provide system design, supply, install, testing & commissioning of the above systems.

We provide maintenance service, repair as well as replacement of spare parts. We do provide Maintenance Contract to our customers on yearly basis.

We put in our best effort to help the customers to reduce their system down time and thus increase their productivities

CCTV integration is important for all businesses small or large.  Whether you own a small bakery or a retail store, having that assured security is important for the overall success of your business.  Many business leaders and owners can be hesitant on installing such features.  Cost and labor often sway business owners from the idea, however it should be known that it is an investment for the long run.  Why should businesses invest in CCTV systems? Check out these things you need to know about integrating it into your business.

  1. CCTV cameras are great for scaring off would be burglars.  Even the sight of cameras in the region make crooks think twice about breaking in, let alone entering the property.
  2. CCTV surveillance systems are cost effective.  They are easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive.
  3. CCTV cameras can’t be avoided.  With systems utilizing multiple cameras, you can rest assure that all angles of the area are kept taps on.
  4. Why wouldn’t you want to keep your business safe? All businesses are vulnerable to theft.  Whether it is a cash register or valuable merchandise, utilizing CCTV systems is excellent for providing 24/7 coverage.
Uses of CCTV installations
  • Prevent Crime
  • Prevent Employee Theft
  • Be a useful piece of evidence
  • Help law enforcement solve crime
  • Keep an eye on children and elderly folks
  • Keep an eye on things
  • Protecting your staff
  • Encourage good behavior
  • Monitoring high-risk area
  • Increase customer’s confidence
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Acces Control Systems

  • Features

Restrict Unauthorized Access
Secure Your Workspace
Create an Audit Trail
Eliminate Key Problems

How will it benifit your company?
1.   Reduced Requirement for Manpower
2.   Allows Access and Restriction to Multiple Entries and Exits
3.   Internal Levels of Restriction and Access
4.   Time Based Control for Security Systems
5.   Keeping Check of Punch-in and Punch-out Time

There are several mechanisms that can be used for authentication, each one with its own strengths and weaknesses. We take a look at the following items:
• Biometrics
• Passwords
• Token devices
• Memory cards
• Smart cards
• Cryptographic keys