Our Clients 

Facility Management Solutions

Santech Facilities Management can make all necessary arrangements for the operational and electro-mechanical smooth running of facilities and can man any premises with an on-site technical staff on a 24 hour basis all round the year. This team is supported by the necessary back office technical resources.

It can also be responsible for all technical counselling and recommendations for any facilities management scope, but also act in such manners as to closely analyse and monitor the performance of any O&M, with regards to predefined performance criteria for the client.

With a strong experience in the execution and maintenance of various engineering projects including facility management of high-rise buildings. santech can offer a wide range of services :
The operation of such systems demand
  • The skills of specialists, whose multi-disciplinary skills (in mechanical, electrical, operation & maintenance, communication and management domains) and familiarity with all the process and equipment allow them to: manage and adjust the installations in order to obtain the desired performance;
  • Maintain the system in order to preserve equipment in good working conditions and prevent any interruption in the operation of the any services
  • Optimise the technical and economic aspects of the system by managing the consumption of consumables, energy, and minimise major breakdowns, thus in the interest of all the clients
  • Provide uninterrupted service (24 hours a day, 365 days a year), which calls for special management of human resources and supervisory personnel be available through a system combining top managerial staff on call duty.
  • Centralise and manage records through a central Facility Management System and produce timely Auditing and Monitoring reports, while allowing flexibility for effective communication. To address the problem of increasing energy cost, Santech Facilities Management can also develop with its clients a series of initiatives to save energy on the managed premises.

Soft Facility

  • House Keeping
  • The management of a house and home affairs
  • The care and management of property and the provision of equipment and services (as for an industrial organization)
  • The routine tasks that must be done in order for a system to function or to function efficiently
  • Gardening

Desk Management

  • FrontDesk/ BackDesk management
  • Office Automation

Technical Facility

  • Technical/non-technical skilled Manpower provisions/ providers



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